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My client Heather is a certified transformational coach, certified mindfulness teacher, and certified career transition coach. She was looking to help her clients discover their authentic self through one-on-one coaching and mindfulness.

She came to me with the idea of starting this business and needing a logo to help solidify her brand. We wanted this to tie into her knowledge of Speech Therapy and using colors of southern California. Using a sound wave looking circle and the light colors you find in a California sunset - we made her perfect logo!

Learn more about So Cal here.

Heather has a plan to grow her business based on all of the qualifications she has. She wanted a sister company to So Cal but didn't want the logo to be too far from the other. 

We decided to reuse the sound wave element for this logo but change up the color since Heather specializes in transgender voice. She wanted to be sure the LBGTQ+ community would understand what she stood for, just by looking at her logo. 

We picked a different font for the text to make it a little more friendly and reused the sanserif from So Cal's logo and made the perfect sister company branding.


Check out Live Vocally!

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